Part 2 of 3 in our series, “Remodeling an Entire Home”

In phase 2 of our “Whole-Home Remodel” in beautiful Bethany, CT, done by HRD (Handyworks Remodeling and Design), things are moving rather quickly.

As of Part 2 of this blog, our Handyworkers are midway through the project.  Let’s find out what they’ve been working on:

Exterior, BEFORE: Trees taking over front yard. Driveway rough. Front entrance worn & unsteady [click to enlarge].
Exterior, PROGRESS: Many trees removed.  Driveway cleaned.  Added new front entrance & railing. Power washed outside of house [click to enlarge].

Exterior (2 views, above):  We pressure-washed the outside of the home, added mulch along the front and new shrubs, and cleaned up the driveway.

The home’s entrance now has a brand new front door, in addition to new sidelights and a new front railing leading up the front steps.

Master Bedroom, BEFORE: Remodeled this upstairs bedroom, while adding an adjacent bathroom [click to enlarge].
Master Bedroom, PROGRESS: added master bath plus new ceiling, walls, windows & flooring. [click to enlarge]

Master Bedroom (2 views, above):  Then, we remodeled the ceiling, walls, windows & master bath of this 2nd floor bedroom.

Meanwhile, on the 1st floor, the full bath was turned into a half-bath so that the former shower could be transformed into a stackable laundry area.


Kitchen, BEFORE: Remove ceiling fan, reposition plumbing, new ceiling, walls, windows and flooring & appliances. [click to enlarge]
Kitchen, PROGRESS: New ceiling, walls, windows, flooring. Reposition plumbing for new location for sink and fridge. All new appliances. [click to enlarge]

Kitchen (2 views, above): The entire floor plan for this kitchen is being changed, including re-routing of plumbing to proper new locations. New light fixtures & kitchen appliances like a sink & range will be added.

The ceiling fan was removed, followed by a ceiling remodel & re-paint. Also, the kitchen walls were remodeled, each with a fresh coat of paint. Plus, new wood flooring was installed.

What’s next?  Our final, completed home report.  t

In our next report on this “Whole-House” Remodel in Bethany CT, look for these changes:

  • All ceilings will be repaired & repainted.
  • Wallpaper will be removed from each room & hallway.
  • All existing windows are being replaced with new windows.
  • New hardwood flooring will be added to all floors on the 1st and 2nd
  • All bedrooms will be carpeted.

Note: With the additional space (with the size reduction of one room), there’s still room for an additional bedroom on the1st floor. Also, all exterior doors, including patio door, are brand new. Stay tuned, while our HandyWorkers keep working away!

Additional photos will be displayed in our next, final update.

— Keith

This was Part 2 of 3 in our series, “Remodeling an Entire Home”.  We hope you found it valuable.

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