How?  Listening.  Listening to YOU comes first! 

Do you have remodeling ideas churning around in your head?  HRD helps homeowners realize their ideas.  How?

At HRD (Handyworks Remodeling and Design), here’s what we do:

It all starts by listening.  By listening to you, Handyworks can create a plan for your ideas within your budget, right away!

Nice Open Kitchen Finished

We explain the options to choose from, using the paths you’ve created.

We discuss a time frame in which you’d like it to happen.

Then (and only then), we put your plan into action!  We help you organize your ideas and make your remodeling process easier, with less stress, improved functionality, with your plans in place before each step begins.

Want to re-work your kitchen or bathroom into something new?  Maybe adding a porch or deck leading into your backyard?  How about adding more space to a room?Deck and Handrails

Share with us your growth plan, a progress path, or a set of ideas you want to have happen in your home.  This “Progress Map” will show you… (a) what you want to achieve, (b) the time frame in which you want it done, and (c) the budget you have.  We can help you handle all these points at Handyworks Remodeling and Design of Wallingford, CT.   Just contact us.

We help make your plans happen in YOUR home, in YOUR style!

Talk with us. We’ll listen.  Call me at HRD, 203-626-5451, or visit to learn more.

Thanks for reading,

— Keith