When remodeling a room, flooring is one essential element!

Re-designing a room in your home?  Flooring is nearly always part of the equation, and if it is, flooring must become part of the decisions you need to make.  Which rooms to look at?   What quality of flooring to consider?  What color or pattern to choose?  You need to decide which floors in your home need attention soonest.  Usually, on many people’s lists, the kitchen and/or bathroom come first.

But really… which comes first?  The chicken or the egg?   Each floor choice can give you an entirely new perspective of the room you’re remodeling.  For example:  in a kitchen, tile floors are done first, then the cabinetry.  Each choice of flooring has its own characteristics and durability.

North Haven Kitchen AfterFUN FLOOR FACTS when picking your preference:  There’s a vast variety of flooring for you to choose from, when you visit our new addition, the brand new HRD Design Center in our Wallingford office.  For example, vinyl plank flooring is actually made of vinyl, but looks like quality hardwood.  Or, there’s porcelain tile flooring, which is harder, stronger and more durable than vinyl plank flooring.  We can also show you hardwood flooring, cork flooring, and bamboo flooring, too, plus many others, based on your flooring preferences.

Choose your favorite flooring:  When you visit our office, we can take you into our new HRD Design Center, show you samples of available flooring (wood, vinyl, tile, ceramic, etc.), and help you decide on a quality design for your next project, using whichever flooring you select.

At Handyworks Remodeling and Design in Wallingford, we discuss your ideas with you and give you the facts, to help you make the best decisions for your home.

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  • Keith

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