Wallingford CT Kitchen After 3

Shop Smarter! What do YOU look for when choosing a remodeling company?

———————————————————————- HRD QUICK VIDEO:   Click here ———————————————————————– Are you checking out various remodeling companies?  Learn how to search the web for the best companies, plus get some fast facts from Handyworks Remodeling and Design (HRD) in Wallingford, CT. Before selecting a remodeler, do your homework first!  Make sure the...

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A Warm, Comfy Future… For Your HOME

Ahhhh, yes.  A warm, comfortable home.  That’s what you’ve always wanted your home to be, right?  And, chances are, that’s what you have… but is it warm and is it comfy in EVERY room?  There may be some opportunities you may have overlooked. Consider the parts of your home...

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All Remodeling Firms are NOT Created Equal! (with video)

————————————————————————- HRD QUICK VIDEO:  Click here  ————————————————————————– What makes one remodeling company different from another?   Can the company you’re talking with handle your remodeling project?  What makes them different?  Often, there are DRAMATIC differences between companies.  Chat with two or more companies and you’ll discover remodeling companies are NOT...

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