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HRD: Helping Homeowners Succeed!

How?  Listening.  Listening to YOU comes first!  Do you have remodeling ideas churning around in your head?  HRD helps homeowners realize their ideas.  How? At HRD (Handyworks Remodeling and Design), here’s what we do: It all starts by listening.  By listening to you, Handyworks can create a plan for...

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Exploring FLOORING as Your Next Remodeling Project?

When remodeling a room, flooring is one essential element! Re-designing a room in your home?  Flooring is nearly always part of the equation, and if it is, flooring must become part of the decisions you need to make.  Which rooms to look at?   What quality of flooring to consider? ...

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“Open Up Your Home” with an OPEN FLOOR PLAN!

CREATE A “GREAT ROOM” in your home.  Take advantage of the most-used spaces in your home without adding an addition, by considering an “open floor plan.” Wait…what IS an Open Floor Plan? An open floor plan takes existing rooms (typically a kitchen and/or dining room and living room) and...

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Interior Staircase Project

The HRD Process Page… because life is a series of STEPS!

Life is a process of STEPS.  Steps to success, including processing the pictures in your head.  Here’s how it works: Our goal:  to create happy homeowners. Your goal:  to create a newly-remodeled room (or rooms) in your home that you’ll love. HERE ARE THE STEPS TO SUCCESS, to get...

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HRD’s “Bill of Rights” and what you get from us!

At Handyworks Remodeling and Design (HRD) in Wallingford CT, we take our business practices very seriously, and we apply our practices to ALL clients, on ALL projects.  That’s one of the key reasons why HRD is a recognized leader in the home remodeling industry. In fact, we created the...

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