CREATE A “GREAT ROOM” in your home.  Take advantage of the most-used spaces in your home without adding an addition, by considering an “open floor plan.”

Wait…what IS an Open Floor Plan?

An open floor plan takes existing rooms (typically a kitchen and/or dining room and living room) and combines them into one larger, open area.

Advantages of Open Floor Plans

  • More efficient traffic flow, without any separating walls, and with no doors, doorways, or hallways.
  • All your most popular room activities are in multiple parts of one big room (for dining, relaxing, socializing).
  • People can walk from area to area more quickly, increasing traffic flow, improved sociability with multi-functional spaces.
  • More room for the kids to play in.

Add coziness and warmth to your home with an open floor plan

  1. Color choices can tie spaces together.
  2. Define “rooms” with area rugs, or…
  3. Use furniture to define where traffic goes between each area

Bump up the resale value of your home

Plus, creating an open floor plan can dramatically increase the resale value of your home!

Discuss, then design.  Your open floor plan!

Talk with Handyworks Remodeling and Design (HRD) in Wallingford, CT.  We’ll sit with you in the areas you’re thinking of combining, and we’ll help you imagine what the finished larger space would look like!

Thanks for reading,

— Keith

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