(Estimated reading time = 5 minutes):  WALK THROUGH THE HRD “GALLERIES OF INSPIRATION”: Ready? Let’s take an easy, fast and fun stroll through the photo galleries of Handyworks Remodeling and Design.

LINKS THAT LAND at projects completed by Handyworks! As we walk around, get ready
to find designs to learn more about, or even some ideas you’d love to add to your home.
WHY do people enjoy walking through our “Galleries of Inspiration” at Handyworks
Remodeling and Design? People tell us there are 3 main reasons:

1. IT’S EASY! Whatever the weather outside, you can take a stroll inside, right now,
walk through our photo galleries, to get ideas for your next project or two.
TIP: People tell us they sometimes take notes of the features and photos they see
here, ones they wish to ask about, or to discuss new ideas that might spring to mind.
Galleries of Inspiration: http://bit.ly/HRD-GalleriesOfInspiration.

2. IT’S FAST! When you’re tired of walking, jump around! Jump quickly from one
gallery to another with a quick click. Try it now, jump through these galleries:
Bathroom Gallery:: http://bit.ly/HRD-BathroomGallery (use slider bar below pics)
Decks & Exterior Gallery:: http://bit.ly/HRD-DeckGallery (use slider bar below pics)
Basements & Interiors: http://bit.ly/HRD-InteriorGallery (use slider bar below pics)

3. IT’S FUN! Hey, what did that room look like BEFORE we began, and then AFTER
we finished? See what it WAS, and what it has BECOME, after the Handworks crew
finished their work. Here’s one example: Walk through our KITCHEN gallery:
http://bit.ly/HRD-KitchenGallery (Use slider bar below each pic)
Then, look at the notes you may have taken. Got any further questions about getting your ideas into your home? Want to learn more about HRD? Handyworks Remodeling and Design can help renovate a part of your home quickly… and within your budget!

Call Keith Santora, president of HRD, at 203-626-5451 to discuss your ideas. Meanwhile, if
you still wish to keep walking (or jumping!), take a hike through our entire website here:www.HandyworksRemodeling.com.
HRD is Handyworks Remodeling and Design: Your home… Your Style!

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