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Checking out various remodeling companies?  Great idea!  Learn how to search the web for the best companies, plus get some fast facts from Handyworks Remodeling and Design (HRD) in Wallingford, CT.

Before selecting a remodeler, do your homework first!  Make sure the companies you’re calling have a good reputation, a good history, and a quality website!

Learn Lots in 30 Seconds!  Here’s how: 

How to get answers to your questions from every website you examine:

  1. Look for a professional website appearance
  2. Look at the photos of their finished projects.
  3. Look for links to reviews about each company on the websites of Google Reviews and the BBB (Better Business Bureau of Connecticut).
  4. Make sure the company belongs to a professional trade association like the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  5. And, look for details on how long they’ve been around, and who are the key people on their team?

For more tips, watch and listen to the quick video above from Keith Santora, president of Handyworks.  And remember, if a company has NO website, strongly consider choosing another company.  The presence of a company website provides the company’s solvency… that is, if they are an ongoing company with enough money to handle your project, even before you pay for it!

Thanks for reading, and happy remodeling, from Handyworks Remodeling and Design.  YOUR home… YOUR style!  That’s us!

— Keith

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