[Part 2 in a series, “To Get the Right Remodeler, Ask the Right Questions – Here’s What to Say”]

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Back in Part 1, we explained how to narrow your search for the right remodeler.

Here in Part 2, you start making calls.

BONUS:  Below is a handy list of questions PLUS a handy script to use, from your friends at Handyworks Remodeling and Design:


PRINT THIS PAGE…It’s your script:  Take notes as you talk with remodelers. Use one page for each remodeler.

Company name _____________________________   Town or City ________________________________
Name of person you’re talking to _____________
TIME IN BUSINESS – Ask these questions: 
1: “How old is your company?”  [____years]
2: “Is your license in the company name or a person’s name?
[circle one: person’s name/company name]


TYPES OF EMPLOYEES – Ask these questions:

1: “How many people are on your staff?[____ people]
2: “Are they payroll employees or per-project (1099) employees?
[circle one:  payroll/per-project]
Important note:  Payroll employees are usually full-time.  Per-project (1099) employees are paid by the hour, or by the project.
3, If payroll, ask: “You carry workman’s comp, right?” (it’s the law) [circle one: yes/no]
– If they say yes:  continue to the next question.
– If they say no:  thank them and move on to the next person.
Why this is important:  Having no workman’s comp means the company is likely small and not properly insured, making you, the homeowner, liable for incidents or injuries.  Plus, if the company has per-project employees only, they are not necessarily loyal to the contractor, or to the project they’re working on


INSURANCE – Ask these questions: 

  1. Can you email me a copy of your ACORD insurance certificate?”  (it’s only one page)
    – If they say yes, check Section B “worker’s compensation” for coverage amounts.
    – If they say no, or will not send, or if their worker’s comp shows zero coverage, move on to another company.
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This research info will help anyone trying to select the best qualified remodeler for a project.

— Keith

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