Part 2 of 3 in our series, “Choosing the Right Remodeler”

Finding and hiring the right Connecticut remodeler for your next project includes two critical checks: (1) their reputation, and (2) their references.  Here’s how to accomplish both checks, in a few quick steps:

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  1. REPUTATION checks: look for a local company with an frequently-recommended reputation. Ask around. You want to be working with a local company with a strong reputation AND one that comes highly recommended.   Two rapid ways to check this:
  • Ask local experts about the company:  Just ask. There are many companies in New Haven County, Middlesex County and Hartford County that’ll probably know the best firm’s reputations without even looking anything up!
  • Ask reporting agencies like the BBBAngie’s List, or other reputable business-reporting agency.
  1. REFERENCE checks:  Before the Internet, people checked references of remodeling companies by asking friends, neighbors, co-workers, or the guy next door.  That still works, but others prefer surfing the web. NOTE: Don’t sign any company with ONLY older referencesA company with no recent references may be a sign they’re not working as much as they used to. Strong firms have both, older and newer references.
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  • Tip: Check reviews, too. Reviews are evaluations of a company written by customers, usually posted online. Keep an eye out for recent bad reviews.

Knowing a company’s reputation AND references help you hire the right remodeler, every time.

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This article is Part 2 in our series, “Choosing the Right Remodeler”.  We hope you found it valuable.  If so., you may wish to read parts 1 and 3, both also written by Keith Santora, president of HRD, Handyworks Remodeling and Design of Wallingford, CT.  Here they are: 

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