That well-known phrase, “Let The Sunshine In” is part of the title of the well-known R&B song from the internationally famous group The Fifth Dimension, called “Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In” from 1968.  By the way, we realize that promising “world peace and understanding” is a bit ambitious for us, especially as we wrap up yet another covid year.  But still, wishes to those we know to “let the sunshine in” are always positive words to live by.  To hear, watch and enjoy this song, click this link right now

Note:  These photos were taken at the recent HRD Holiday Party, where we thanked our workers, staff and associated people who spent this year thanking the people we’ve worked with and for, in a wide variety of home remodeling projects. 

THANKING OUR CREW We humbly give “thanks for another great year” to our HRD crew members who keep things friendly every day, while working in the field at our client’s homes every day of every project, including Steve Badorek, Ricardo Ferrufino-Fernandez, Rod Carey, Damion Bowen, John Johnson, Nate Dellaselva, and Nick Passinissi.

THANKING OUR MANAGERS:  Thanks also to HRD project managers Dave Denecke and Zach Miller; to our office/business manager Sue Giller; and to social media/marketing manager Tom Zarecki; and also, for ordering advance materials and supplies, a big salute of thanks to the people working the ProDesk at the Wallingford Home Depot location on North Colony Road!

THANKING YOU, TOO:  And so, from Keith Santora (hey, that’s me!), the president of HRD, from Enid Santora, our vice-president, and on behalf of our entire staff of HRD field workers and office workers, best wishes to all our present and past customers and their families for a happy, healthy and safe holiday season, and for a successful and satisfying 2022!

As that Fifth Dimension song sings about the sunshine, “you gotta feel it!”, which includes peace, understanding, sharing and friendship.  “Open up your heart”, they add.  Not a bad idea!  We sure do feel it, and we will spend the next year passing our Handyworks attitudes on to you, so you, in turn, can pass on to others.  You can start today!

PS:  If you missed the link above to hear the song, “Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In”, here it is again, why not listen now?  Click here to hear it.  Then, go ahead, in your own way, “let the sunshine in!”  …and have a great holiday!


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Thanks!  Handyworks makes YOUR home… YOUR style!  Get ready for a great 2022!

— Keith