HandyWorks Remodeling and Design (HRD) recently finished remodeling the kitchen and bathroom of a ranch house in Wallingford, CT. We know many ways to make a small house and a small budget look fabulous without spending a ton of money and we accomplished exactly that, with this home remodeling project.

Bathroom, kitchen and basement remodeling are usually the most labor-intensive, and costly. Other rooms tend to need only paint, windows, flooring, and lighting, perhaps.

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The choice of bathroom and kitchen materials are dependent upon both your budget AND the neighborhood. As you can see from the pictures above, HandyWorks struck a nice balance between creating beautiful spaces in the home AND operating within a budget.

Did you know?  Bathroom remodels take the most creativity!  Unless the house is modern/new, the bathroom is usually small, and if there’s only one (which is the norm), then we must design with a family in mind.


Now, it’s YOUR turn! 

Got ANY questions about remodeling, repairing or building a bathroom/kitchen?   Ask Keith Santora, president of HRD, Handyworks Remodeling in Wallingford, CT.  Discuss your ideas with Keith.  Ask him now by clicking here.  

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