The first 2 photos show the old, outdated kitchen & bathroom, BEFORE our renovation. Walk through this newly-renovated kitchen & bath in Cheshire, CT, part of a whole-home remodel handled by HRD, Handyworks Remodeling and Design in Wallingford, CT.

Dated Kitchen - Before Renovation
Outdated Old Kitchen (before renovation)
Outdated Old Bathroom in Cheshire CT
Outdated Old Bathroom in Cheshire, CT
Remodeled Bathroom in Cheshire CT
Remodeled Bathroom in Cheshire, CT
Brand New Renovated Kitchen in Cheshire CT
Brand New Renovated Kitchen in Cheshire, CT
New Kitchen in Cheshire CT
Newly remodeled kitchen in Cheshire, CT
Fully Remodeled Kitchen in Cheshire CT
Fully Remodeled Kitchen in Cheshire, CT
Beautiful new countertops - Cheshire CT
Beautiful new granite countertops in Cheshire, CT

Being not quite sure about the leap forward, we found a nice compromise. We installed slate appliances in our Cheshire kitchen remodel that looks fabulous! The color blended nicely with the French Cream walls, white cabinets and multi-colored backsplash tiles.

We decided not to save the pink tiles in the bathroom of the Cheshire remodel or any other parts of the bathroom. This model also worked for a Hamden ranch, where we decided against saving the bluish-green fixtures and tiles during the Hamden bathroom remodel for fear that the general public might not be ready for the change yet.

There are times when the traditional look will serve best. We find that our demographic makes major remodels every 10-12 years. Your budget will dictate how you make that leap forward into the realm of Trendy vs. Traditional.

White appliances are also re-entering the limelight, but we find that most of our clients still lean toward stainless rather than white.

That is the reason we stayed with the tried-and-true:  white and/or cream fixtures in our Cheshire bathroom remodel and and then go ‘color’ when opportunity permits.


PS:  This kitchen/bathroom remodeling in Cheshire, CT took a couple of months to complete.  You’ll enjoy reading our stories and seeing more of our work here at HRD, Handyworks Remodeling and Design of Wallingford, CT. TAKE A QUICK TOUR NOW:  Just browse our “Keith’s Korner” blogs with a quick click here.  OR, to ask Keith any remodeling question, call 203-626-5451.

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