Visitors view your front entrance from a distance, and admire it as they approach (click to enlarge).

Including a music video from the Beatles…really!

Hello!  Goodbye!  People say those words all the time, at the entrances to your home.

It’s important to “set the stage” for a warm and welcoming home, whether people are coming in or going out.

At Handyworks Remodeling and Design (HRD) in Wallingford CT, we’ve worked with doors for decades, and we’ve got some great ideas on what to look for.



Adding windows around a door opens up the view quite dramatically (click to enlarge)

For people coming over to say “hello”, your home has to look good and feel good as people approach your doors.

Your front door décor is a great spot to express your “hello” personality. Besides the door itself, you might consider adding small vertical side windows along one or both sides of the door. Maybe a potted plant, too.


With one glance, visitors need to see an attractive view of your front door, steps, railing, and sidewalk. If there’s room on either or both sides of the front door, re-mulch the strip across the front of your home so you can plant flowers or shrubbery up against the house.

The steps should have a railing on one or both sides, and there should be room at the front door, on the top step, for at least 2 people to stand comfortably while ringing your doorbell or knocking.


Above your front door, consider adding an overhang or awning so people aren’t waiting in the rain, and to keep any packages dry, too.   Also, the awning is a great place to add a hanging plant.


EXITS (“Goodbye”)

This back porch exit has contrasting colors between the steps & railing for a dramatic effect (click to enlarge).

When it’s time to go, your guests might say “goodbye” via the kitchen door leading onto the back patio or deck.

If you get to your patio from the kitchen, for example, make sure there’s insulation between the door & frame to keep the cold & elements out. This is also a convenient place for a “doggy door” so your pet(s) get their own entrance & exit.

Make sure these doors have room on the outside for steps (if needed) and a railing on both sides.




Beatles: “I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello!’ (click link, left, to watch video)

WATCH:  To commemorate this blog topic, we’ve even unearthed a music video of the Beatles singing “Hello, Goodbye” in their Sgt. Pepper outfits.  To enjoy the song, click here while pondering your home’s entrances and exits.

To get advice from an expert, right away, on remodeling any “ins & outs” of your home, use the link below.  Hello!  Goodbye!

— Keith



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