An “Open Floor Plan” greatly smooths out communication paths from area to area  

Need an addition to your home?  Think again.  Maybe the additional room you need is already inside your home!    Looking at the most active rooms in your home and how they interconnect with others could be your next growth path for the rooms in your home.

Walls are barriers…remove the walls that block communication with an Open Floor Plan

Is it hard to communicate between the cooking area and the dining area with a wall between the two areas?  Do you have to keep going back and forth?  Combining those areas greatly speeds up communication and simplifies the food getting from one area to the other.

Is it tough to keep an eye on your kids who are in the living room while you’re in the kitchen?  Why not open it up so you can see what they’re doing?

Meanwhile, some homeowners combine the kitchen, dining area and living room/entertainment room/game room/TV room into one large area, with power outlets & USB ports throughout the areas.

Eliminate steps from one area to the other and speed up the time going back and forth.  Without interior walls, “travel time” between rooms is greatly reduced, and greatly smooths out the process of getting messages (and food!) from one area to another.

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