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Why You Should Avoid DIY “Do It Yourself” Projects


Over the decades that the talented professionals in my company and I have spent in the remodeling & home improvement business, we’ve learned that a SMALL point often has a LARGE impact on your project!  So, from your friends at HRD, Handyworks Remodeling and Design of Wallingford CT, let’s countdown some great advice, from number eight to number one, ready?  Here they are:

THE EIGHT GREAT Reasons NOT to “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY):

8.  PLUMBING: Small problems turn very bad, very fast. You see it coming (a small leak that gets larger quickly), but there’s nothing much you can do.

7.  ELECTRICAL: You make a mistake and a bad situation occurs instantly (you could start a fire, fry an appliance, or seriously injure yourself) and there’s no time to even think.

Finished! (bedroom)

6.  SIDING AND WINDOWS that are NOT properly installed could create leaking, mold odors, and water in the walls in the weeks that follow.

5.  ROOFING REPAIRS: if you do it yourself, you won’t know until later (days, weeks, months) if you created a leak or other structural problem up there.

4.  TRIM: trimming, décor, edging, design work must be outstanding and professionally done…or else it will likely LOOK like you did it yourself (i.e., a really unprofessional, amateurish job).

3.  PERMITS REQUIRED for any significant work on electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, venting, roofing, structural.  Here in Connecticut, these kinds of projects all require you to get a permit to hire a trained professional. And beware of “OPEN PERMITS” (work still uncompleted within one year). Having one or more open permits can dramatically lower the sale price of your home.

2.  USING TOOLS YOU’VE NEVER USED BEFORE (as in, “…hey, I’m not sure how this thing works!”).   Enough said.   Serious risks just waiting to happen.

…and now (drum roll, please), the #1 reason NOT to do it yourself is….

1.  IF YOU HAVE TO ASK YOURSELF: “Wait a minute…am I a PRO in this area?”, it likely means you probably aren’t.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  DYI, or “Doing-It-Yourself” often becomes a “slippery slope” leading to hazardous, illegal and/or potentially dangerous situations. Talk to a pro first. Protect you & your family.

— Keith

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