Wallingford CT Basement Remodel After
A “de-cluttered” basement ready for furnishings.

Spring:  A perfect time for changes at home!

With a Connecticut winter behind us, and the color, warmth and anticipation of spring all around us, many people decide that this is an excellent time to fix-up their family room, renovate their bathroom, or upgrade their back deck.

What did the crew do?

When Handyworks Remodeling and Design (HRD) of Wallingford, CT was hired to come to nearby Cheshire to do a whole-home renovation for a group that wanted to flip a house there, the first thing the crew did was to CLEAR OUT THE CLUTTER. My realtor friend tells me the first thing she asked her clients who were putting their house on the Wallingford market was to…clear out the clutter!


(1)  Learn ways to “clear clutter”:  very often, those who don’t may be prevented from getting off to a good start.  Getting rid of clutter “opens the door” for making good decisions about your next step toward improvements, remodeling and repairs.

(2)  What’s on YOUR carpet?  Let’s say you want to remove carpeting from the family room and install hardwood flooring.  But first, look at what’s ON the carpeting besides the furniture… boxes of stuff?  Piles of papers?

(3)  Top 10 tips for de-cluttering your home:  For great ideas on clearing space in your home quickly, check out these top ten de-cluttering tips from The Hartford insurance company; click here.

I hope it will be a great spring for you… and for ANY remodeling or home improvements  you need, call HRD (Handyworks Remodeling and Design), or use the handy link below to ask me a question.  It’s easier than you may think.

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