Think Twice… BEFORE Your Remodeler Starts Remodeling!

Wait a minute…before you rip out your entire bathroom to renovate into a new and better one, just pause for a moment and consider this fact: You can save money, time and tempers by using elements that can make a dramatic statement quickly.

For example, if your remodeler adds a new countertop and new lighting PLUS a new paint job, it can make a HUGE difference, rather than additional expenses of remodeling the whole bathroom.  At HRDHandyworks Remodeling and Design of Wallingford, CT, here are some ideas:




There’s often no need for a new vanity or creating a custom counter when a new granite countertop can change the look of your bathroom instantly.  Plus, you may not have an issue with the existing flooring, or the bathtub itself, so leave them alone. Keep the floor tile and the tub as is, this time around.

Consider: have your remodeler replace standard plate glass mirrors with wood-framed mirrors which usually cost far less than custom mirrors.

As an additional visual change, you may wish to have your project include the addition of storage bins, mounted on the wall next to the tub, for easy access.


Maybe now’s the time to replace old, standard light fixtures in your bathroom with creative, new light fixtures. These new fixtures can be replaced by your remodeler in a snap.   Plus, the remodeling company  you choose can add fresh new colors to your bathroom walls in just a few hours.

And, consider this: It’s the same cost to have them paint one wall a different color than the other three as an accent and a pleasant visual touch to your newly remodeled bathroom.


If one of your goals is to make changes but to save costs as well, remember that a smaller-scale renovation project like this in your bathroom will take very little time when compared with the time that would have been spent remodeling your entire bathroom.  Think about this when discussing with your remodeler, and save!

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