Do your doors do their duty?  Find out fast.  

Interior Remodeling ServicesLeaving for work.  Getting home after a long day.  Sending the kids to catch the school bus.   Saying hello to visitors.  Going out to mow the lawn.  Just a few of the uses for the doors in your home.

Since your doors get used day after day, some FAR more than others, it’s important to make sure they do their job.   At Handyworks Remodeling and Design (HRD), we’ve got some tips for dealing with doors:


Here are some quick points of attention to look for for when inspecting your home’s doors:

  1. SOUND EFFECTS?  Do your doors make noises?  Maybe squeaks or rumbles when they’re in motion, opening or closing?  Extra door noises can easily be eliminated with a quick door sound check.
  2. MIS-ALIGNMENT?  Look along the bottom of the door.  Is there about the same amount of space between the door and the floor all the way across?  If your door is uneven, it may need to be reset.  In the winter, if this door needs a floor muff at the bottom of the door to keep out the cold air of winter, then the door definitely needs to be re-aligned.

    Newly remodeled office with doors that passed the test!
  3. WIGGLY KNOBS?  Grab and turn each of your doorknobs. Do any of them feel jiggly or loose?  They may need to be tightened.
  4. BROKEN LOCKS?   Do the doors with locks still lock?  Is it easy to lock and unlock them?  Sometimes deadbolts become loose or need tightening (like the doorknobs).
  5. COLOR WEAR?  Are there any chipped or worn paint areas on your doors? Are they the colors you want?
  6.  STUCK DOOR?  Is it hard to open a door to get in?  Or, hard to get out when you’re in?  You don’t want your family or guests pushing or shoving the door to open it, or even worse, pounding on the door, to get someone to let you out!  Most importantly, make sure your doors provide the service and convenience they’re meant to provide, keeping the comings and goings in your house fast and efficient!

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