Ahhhh, yes.  A warm, comfortable home.  That’s what you’ve always wanted your home to be, right?  And, chances are, that’s what you have… but is it warm and is it comfy in EVERY room?  There may be some opportunities you may have overlooked.

Consider the parts of your home that could use a little more of your personality and your warmth.   To determine what you can do, let’s begin by taking a quick walk through your home.  Ready?  Bring a note pad!  Let’s start walking.

Back of House with DeckAs you walk, consider these 3 great “warm ways” to warm things up at your home:

“Warm Way” #1 – INS & OUTS:  Look carefully at your home’s entrances and exits.  Are the  mouldings (framework) in place?  Chipped/worn/peeling paint?  Do any doors need repair?  Are the outside railings leading to the front/back doors sturdy, or are they loose or in disrepair?  Make a note.

New Staircase
Multi-floor home: UPs and DOWNs

Warm way #2 – UPS & DOWNS:  First, go up to your attic.  Is there room up there for adding another guest or kids room, perhaps with extra shelves?  Then, go downstairs to your basement, and look for potential places to add a TV room, fix up the laundry room or even add another small bathroom?  Speaking of ups and downs, look at the steps themselves.  Is the carpeting in place or popping up?  Would you want to replace the carpeting, or replace with new wood stairs?  And what about the hallways leading to those stairs?  Add another note to your list.

Warm Way #3 – EAT & SLEEP:  The kitchen is the most used room in nearly every home, so it should represent you at your best, and perform with maximum efficiency.  Do you need any new appliances, or floor replacement?  People often decide to re-locate the fridge, sink and cabinets to greatly improve efficiency of use.  Are the bedrooms in your home nicely appointed, with fresh painting, flooring

Completed kitchen w/dining table

and modern windows?  Make a note, and boom!  You’re done!

Review your notes.

Then, when you’re ready to plan ways to add more comfortable conditions AND a warm feeling to your home, think of the future.  Then, think of HRD, while you grab y

our notes and call Keith at Handyworks Remodeling and Design (HRD) in Wallingford, CT.  Handyworks makes YOUR home… YOUR style!



Have a safe and warm home, every season of the year!

– Keith

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