The People Who Make Other People Happy

L to R: Handyworkers Jack, David, Ricardo, Nate, Keith, Joe, Donavan and Chris [click to enlarge]

get together to celebrate their lives and the lives of those around them.  Celebrating successes, facing challenges, and planning for the future.

At Handyworks Remodeling and Design, we’re just like you!

We’re very thankful for the many new people we’ve met, the beautiful projects we’ve created to make you and your family happy, and for the great growth in our company this year and in past years, all thanks to your support and confidence in our “Handyworkers”.

L to R: Jack, Keith, Enid, Joe, and Gina (Joe’s wife) [click to enlarge]

We realize our successes are due to your business and friendships with our team and the work we do, in and around Wallingford, and throughout Connecticut, week after week, all year long.  Thank you.

Families Supporting Our Team

This year, we made many new friends happy with the remodeling work we’ve done at their homes and offices.

L to R: Gina (Joe’s wife), Shauna (David’s wife), and Nancy (Ricardo’s wife) [click to enlarge]
L to R: Local Bigwigs Frank, Zach and Steve [click to enlarge]


We are also thankful for our business associates and clients whom we’ve worked with, side-by-side, at key times throughout the year. And, of course, we’re thankful for the families of our Handyworkers, because, just as in your family, they support our team all year long.

The photos on this page are just some of the many people who make up the Handyworks Remodeling team, and some of their family members joining us at our recent employee party.


L to R: Nate & his daughter [click to enlarge]
L to R: Donavan and Chris [click to enlarge]
L to R: Jack and his wife, Ruth [click to enlarge]

And so, to all of you, a hearty “HAPPY HANDYWORKS HOLIDAY” and the very best to everyone reading this, for a safe and healthy year.

Thanks for your continued confidence in all of us!

–Keith & Enid, co-owners, Handyworks Remodeling and Design (HRD)

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